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Inspired by the “Inappropriate Soundtracks” from Something Awful. Probably more of an “appropriate soundtrack” though…

A tribute to Two and Jamie, our favorite TARDIS team!

Jamie and The Glorious Revolution

Where do I start with this?

I am so, so disappointed with the people who came up with this story…They took one of the greatest companions EVER, and made him into this:

After being returned to his own time by the Time Lords. Jamie married Kirsty McLaren. They had at least eight children and numerous grandchildren by 1788.”

Really? All the scenarios in the universe, and this was the best you could come up with? They turned him into a fucking breeder with a dull existence! Could have come up with a better post-TARDIS life such as Jamie the Reformist, Jamie the Politician, Jamie the Best-selling Author (if he got an education), or Jamie the Successful Businessman. But I’ve got nothing against leading a revolution, that is a major achievement.  

No freakin’ thanks - I’ll stick to the fan fiction, or Jamie the Space Bachelor. Either is okay. In my fan stories, I did give him a kid with Zoe (who I actually named Kirsty), but it was one kid and he still travels in the TARDIS. Was thinking of making him into an author or something, writing stories about space adventures or whatever. 

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